Fort Worth Gamers

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Fort Worth Gamers


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 Fort Worth Gamers play mainly German/Euro type board and card games, with a few abstracts and light wargames mixed in for good measure. We meet every Tuesday, from 6 to 9 PM, at the Hulen Mall food court, at 4800 South Hulen Street, in southwest Fort Worth. No experience is required. New comers are welcome. See this link for the location and driving instructions    


Game Calendar / Upcoming Events

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I have a habit of planning ahead which games I'll bring to our gaming sessions. Plans can change (this article will be updated regularly), but these are my current intentions. Of course, what we actually play often depends of how many attend and what games other members bring.

Tuesday, 08/04 - die Siedler von Nürnberg

Tuesday, 08/11 - Meuterer

Tuesday, 08/18 - Vinci

Tuesday, 08/25 - Goa

Tuesday, 09/01 - The Cities & Knights of Catan

Tuesday, 09/08 - Egizia

Tuesday, 09/15 - Merchants of Amsterdam

Tuesday, 09/22 -

Michael Ward - founder Fort Worth Gamers


The Latest News

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Fort Worth Gamers also has a presence on     See .


We commemorated our fourteenth anniversary at our game session on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015.